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Fiona Stone - Balls for Your Mind 

Fiona Stone started her working life as a hairdresser in Adelaide and after six years needing a change Fiona decided to travel overseas for a working holiday in Britain, Europe and Asia lasting seven years. While in Britain Fiona studied and achieved her diploma in nutritional medicine at Kings College London.


Returning to Adelaide and having gained knowledge in nutrition and it’s affects on the body, after a couple of synchronistic events Fiona met her husband Michael.


They quickly formed a relationship and began travelling around Australia together, they both believed there was more to life then nutrition and the body and this was the brain which would complete the trinity. Fiona and Michael came up with the idea of improving the brain through bringing juggling to the masses. That’s where they came up with the idea for their current business Balls for your Mind in 2001, which manufactures juggling equipment and facilitates how to juggle course for schools, corporations and community groups to improve brain fitness.


Fiona and Michael have created a unique how to juggle program that  will have you juggling in no time. 


Balls for your Mind has a FREE learn to juggle video on their website featuring Michael a six ball juggler at


For more information:

Ph - 0418 241 847

Email -

Website -

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Instagram - @ballsforyourmind

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