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Home fire safety tips including electronic devices - FRV

Balwyn Evergreen social programs and fitness activities

Managing life’s challenges – Jillian Ramsden

Scottish Dancing, cycling plus with U3A

Growing Young Exercise Program Bill Dooley Pt2

The Pacific Belles – Australia’s Andrew Sisters

How heart failure risk can affect a family - Hearts4heart

fun on giant swing up to age of 85! Great Getaways

Are you caring for a family member? Need Support? Carers Vic

Trying your hand at Bocce - Life Activities Club Geelong

Writing a Will - Peninsula Community Legal Centre

The People’s Choir welcomes everyone

Managing loss with Grief Recovery Specialist Jodie Atkinson

Give Writing a go – U3A Writers Group

Watch out for Scams with Scamwatch

Campfire Fun at Great Getaways Camp

Changing power of attorney - Respecting Seniors Network

Fun Chinese Outing to Echuca with LINK Community & Transport

Caring for adult children with autism - Carers Victoria

Playing Table Tennis - Life Activities Club Sandringham

Antennas Community TV Awards

Writers Group - U3A

Growing Young Exercise Program - Bill Dooley

Canoeing at Camp -Great Getaways

  7 Powerful Questions for Men - The Listening Space

  Chinese Friendship Outing to Echuca - LINK Community 

Heart Failure, Heart Disease - Hearts4heart

Fun & respite - Australian Filipino Community Services

2023 Stella Young TV Award - Over 50? So What!

Contribution to Community - Awards at Fed Square Victoria

Helping Women with Hair Loss - Real Fringe Hairbands

Singing for Fun - U3A Southern Peninsula

Filipino Dancing - Australian Filipino Community Services

MHT/HRT - Menopausal Hormone Therapy - Mish Wright

Home Fire Escape Plan - Fire Rescue Victoria

Playing Snooker - Life Activities & Men's Shed

Inheritance is NOT an entitlement - Respecting Seniors Network

Cycling after 60, Giant Swing, High Ropes -Great Getaways

Preventing Incontinence - Mish Wright

Prevent Falls, keep fit & mobile U3A Balance & Bones

Home Fire Safety Tips - Fire Rescue Victoria

Playing Table Tennis Later in Life - Life Activities Club

Helping Women Who Have Lost Their Hair - Real Fringe Hairbands

What happens in Men's Shed - Chelsea Men's Shed

Helping Men Find Purpose in Life - The Listening Space

Playing Snooker Later in Life - Life Activities Club

Caring for Loved One - Carers Victoria & Joanne Copeland

Zumba Gold - Latin inspired Dance - Vivacious Catalina

Understand Heart Failure - Hearts4heart

Arabic Social Outing - Link Community & Transport

Respecting Seniors Network - Abuse from family & friends

Australian Filipino Community Services - Fun Respite

Challenges of Perimenopause & Menopause - Mish Wright

Chelsea Men's Shed - what happens in a Men's Shed

Balance & Bones - Helene Redding Bayside U3A Network

Zumba Gold with Vivacious Catalina Gonzalez

Easy Eating Habits for Health - Jamie Hayes

Aussie Bands & Rockabilly - Rats, Tatts 'n Pinups

Carers Victoria caring for the Carers

Everyday Legend - Perry Cho - photography & urban farming

Pink Dragons Dragon Boat Training for Breast Cancer Survivors

Tramboat Fun Outing with LINK Community & Transport

Helping Your Children into the Property Market-Christine Williams

PEASER Pilipino Celebrations

Eating Habits to Keep You Strong & Mobile – Jamie Hayes

Test Riding E-bikes and E-Trikes with the experts

Finding a housemate to help with expenses – The Room Xchange

Safe events for singles Over 50 – Steppin’ Out

Positive retirement mindset tips – Mindset Michele

Fun on the Tramboat with LINK Community & Transport

Property Tips after divorce – Christine Williams

Meeting wine makers at the Prosecco Festival - Michael Dal Zotto

Eating tips for diabetes prevention and management - Camilla Barr

PEASER community group for older Pilipinos

Pink Dragons Breast Cancer Survivor Team

Foodcube Urban Farming - Perry Cho

Transitioning to Retirement - Mindset Michele Gennoe

Rats, Tatts 'n Pinups - rockabilly, pinup girls, classic cars

Looking After Your Mortgage - Christine Williams

Qoya Free Dance - Sunranges Qoya

Navigating Aged Care - Elder Rights Advocacy

E-bikes & E-trikes to keep you active - Rev Becca

Keeping Strong to Prevent Frailty - Jamie Hayes

Going out as a single - Steppin' Out Events

The Room Xchange - renting your spare room

The Prosecco Festival - featuring zero alcohol options

Pink Dragons - Breast Cancer Survivor Dragon Boat Team

Rats, Tatts 'n Pinups - Classic Cars & more

Diabetes Prevention & next steps when diagnosed

Social Outings for unique cultural backgrounds - LINK

Elder Rights Advocacy

Urban Farming - Perry Cho & Foodcube

Tips for staying Optimistic - Victor Perton

Sunranges Qoya- Free Dance for Women

Move It or Lose It - part 4

Easy Low Impact fun in the park.

Move It or Lose It - Part Three

Fun moves for over 50 in the park

Move It or Lose It - part 2

More Easy Low Impact fun in the park.

Move It or Lose It - Part One

Easy fun in the Park

Series 9 ep 5

Diabetes Risk Assessment & Tips

Barbara Pease Relationships and Transition to Retirement

Series 9 Ep 4

Visit a Chatty Cafe or become a Chatty Café

Learn to kick a football after 50 with Quick Kick

Series 9 ep 3

Dating tips with Brian Richmond

Having Fun on and in the Water - Great Getaways Camps

Series 9 Ep 2

Every Day Legend Best-selling Author Barbara Pease

Gyrotonics & Parkinson's Dance/Fitness – HD Entertainment

Series 9 ep 1

Rainbow Tick with Val’s LGBTI Ageing & Aged Care

Keeping fit with Legend 80 year old June Hewitt – U3A Fitness

Series 8 Ep 13

Fun social outings – Elvis with Link Transport

QuickKick Footy for women over 50- Port Melbourne Colts

Series 8 ep 12

Pop Into a Chatty Cafe and make new friends

Tango, Jazz, Ballet, Broadway.. for any age – HD Entertainment

Series 8 Ep 11

New Ideas for Hobbies - U3A Network

Go to Camp and get on your bike - Great Getaways

Series 8 ep 10

Tips to stay Optimistic - Victor Perton, Centre for Optimism

Square Dancing around Australia & beyond - JayBee

Series 8 Ep 9

Get Out & About with Link Transport - Danny Davis

Pippa's Yoga for men and women up to 80

Series 8 ep 8

Checking your language for Ageism - Michelle Lord

Quick Kick Footy for Women - Belinda Bowey

Series 8 Ep 7

Making friends with your favourite hobby - U3A

Styling & Jewellery Tips - Marinella

Series 8 ep 6

Keeping on top of technology - Australian Seniors Computer Clubs

Keeping Fit with Legend June - hoops & bands

Series 8 Ep 5

Becoming more welcoming - Val's LGBTI Ageing & Aged Care

Going out as a single - Steppin' Out Events

Series 8 ep 4

How to Stay Optimistic - Victor Perton

Quick Kick - Playing Footy later in life

Series 8 Ep 3

Reading Faces - International Profiler Alan Stevens

Residential Camping - Great Getaways

Series 8 ep 2

Elder Abuse Prevention - Michelle Lord

Looking Stylish at Any Age - Marina Mariani

Series 8 Ep 1

U3A Network - hobbies & interests

Everyday Legend Lyn Harris

Series 7 ep 13

Mental Strategies – Joe Busuttil

Pippa's Innersense Yoga

Series 7 Ep 12

Australian Seniors Computer Clubs

Calling - Jay Bee Square Wheelers

Series 7 ep 11

Professor Gerry Hattrick – Rodney Marks Hoaxer

Zip Lining - Great Getaways - Australian Camps Assoc

Series 7 Ep 10

The Mind Coach Man – Terence Pope

Steppin’ out Events - Kathy Edwards

Series 7 ep 9

Float for Health - Dr Mychelle Whitewood - Water Temple Floatation

Dating Tips after 50…Brian Richmond

Series 7 Ep 8

The Campfire Project - Alan Stevens

Everyday Legend - Car Racing - Lyn Harris

Series 7 ep 7

Val’s LGBTI Ageing & Aged Care

Geocaching - Great Getaways - Australian Camps Assoc

Series 7 Ep 6

Signs of memory loss? – Dr Michael Elstein

Jay Bee Square Wheelers - Square Dancing

Series 7 ep 5

Body Transformation Therapy - Dr Gary Wohlman

Everyday Legend - Joan Bradd

Series 7 Ep 4

Memories Aid - Emma Watts - The Daisie Chain

Mature Fashion Styling - Marinella Boutique

Series 7 ep 3

Mental Health - David Pearce - On the Low Down

Men do Papercraft Too - From Picture to Page & Beyond

Series 7 Ep 2

Knee & Hip Replacement - Sally Castell

Ice Skating in 60's & 70's - Silver Blades

Series 7 ep 1

Hypnotherapy for Mental Health - Joe Busuttil

Everyday Legend - Unstoppable Joey Chan

Series 6 Ep 13

Mental Health - David Pearce - On The Low Down

Fashion & Style - Marina Mariani - Marinella Boutique

Series 6 Ep 12

Preventing Memory Loss - Dr Michael Elstein

Great Getaways - Camps designed for 55+

Series 6 Ep 11

Music, Movement, Seniors Spectacular - The Daisie Chain

Unstoppable Joey Chan - Singer & Entertainer

Series 6 Ep 10

Profiling for Better Communication - Alan Stevens

Papercraft Ideas - From Picture to Page Papercraft Shows

Series 6 Ep 9

Float for Stress & Better Sleep - Dr Mychelle Whitewood

Puzzles, Petanque, Models & Dance Like No One is Watching

Series 6 Ep 8

Taking Care of Your Joints - Sally Castell

World Dancing with Rosie

Series 6 Ep 7

Slow Down or Prevent Dementia - Dr Michael Elstein

Everyday Legend Joan Bradd - Award Winning Scout Leader

Series 6 Ep 6

Mental Health - David Pearce - On the Low Down

Online Dating after 50

Series 6 Ep 3

How to Age with Attitude - Laraine Dunn

3D papercraft, cards, sculptures, boxes - Crafter Tracy

Series 6 Ep2

The Bucketlist Guy - Trav Bell

Are you too old to go camping? Historic Walhalla

Series 6 Ep 1

Laugh your way to better health - The Laughter Lady

Tips on surviving Magpie Swoops - Magpie Alert

Series 5 Ep 6

When to eat for maximum weight loss - Jamie Hayes

Juggling more fun activities for our brain - Fiona Stone

Series 6 Ep 5

Powerful Daily Routine - Andrew Jobling

Never too Late for Love - Cam & Phil

Series 6 Ep4

Music & Fun - Emma - The Daisie Chain

World Dancing with Rosie

Series 5 Ep 3

Laugh your way to better health - The Laughter Lady

Art journaling? With From Picture to Page & Beyond

Series 5 Ep 2

Pump yourself up with Andrew Jobling

Get yourself dancing with Adrian and the Red Hot Rockers

Series 5 Ep 5

Chatting to Trav Bell, The Bucket List Guy

Shirley Clarke – Everyday Legend

Series 5 Ep 4

Float your way to health and well-being -Water Temple Flotation

Over 50 & Single? – Life’s a Ball 'live' music & events

Series 4 Ep 2

How is your emotional intelligence? With Expert John Lane-Smith

Everyday Legend Erin Ryan

Series 4 Ep 1

How to Stay Positive

How to drink Prosecco

Series 4 Ep 4

Resilience Tips with Mindful Michele

Seniors having serious fun…

Series 4 Ep 3

How to Keep Your Mitochondria Happy - Karen The Wellness Keeper

LifeBall, the Game you play for Life!

Series 4 Ep 6

Starting a business after 50, with Wendy Mayhew

Solo travelling at 68 with Victoria Rose

Series 4 Ep 5

Reducing Tummy Fat with Jamie Hayes

Local tours for 55+ with Tour Local & Joanne Staindl

Series 4 Ep 8

Aging with Attitude with Laraine Dunn

Juggling for Brain Performance with Fiona Stone

Series 4 Ep 7

Body Language with EQ expert John Lane-Smith

You’re never too old to rock ‘n roll with Adrian Spadaro - Red Hot Rockers

Series 4 Ep 10

Suddenly Single? You’ve sold the house now what? Christine Williams, Property Strategist

Want to make new friends? Try progressive dancing with the Red Hot Rockers

Series 4 Ep 9

Eating tips for weight loss with expert Jamie Hayes

Everyday Legend Jeremy Bingham - living life at 85..

Series 4 Ep 12

Communication skills to help you be better understood - John Lane-Smith

Why not try papercraft as a new hobby? - From Picture to Page & Beyond - Michelle Brown

Series 4 Ep 11

Live Life Laughing -The Laughter Lady, Phillipa Challis

Tough Love for Smart Women over 60 – Victoria Rose

Series 5 Ep 1

New videophone technology for hearing impaired - Konnekt

Juggling fun for brain performance - Balls for Your Mind

Series 4 Ep 13

Aging With Attitude with Laraine Dunn,

Life's A Ball, 'live' music and dancing for singles 45+

Series 3 Ep 8

Learn Bio Hacks with The Wellness Keeper

How do you make Prosecco?

Series 3 Ep 7

Keeping your brain healthy

Help protect wildlife by eradicating invasive species

Series 2 Ep 15

Older Men New Ideas - Meet some new friends in this social group - with OM:NI - (COTA program)

Jenny goes shopping with Evelyn Lundstrom - the next step in the makeover of our 70 year old grandmother.

Series 2 Ep 14

Activities to keep your brain fit with Laraine Dunn

Tips to keep exercising through Magpie swooping season with Jon from Magpie Alert

Series 3 Ep 2

Ageing Fearlessly with Karen Sander

Final makeover segment with Evelyn Lundstrom

Series 3 Ep 1

Do you have a musculoskeletal condition like back pain or arthritis? Would you like to be part of a FREE program which might help you? Giving It a Go project.

Why not cycle down a volcano?

Series 3 Ep 4

Living Longer Living Stronger, Programs for over 50s

Why not climb the mast of a tall ship?

Series 3 Ep 3

Tips on Looking after your back with Andrew Jobling

Pole-Dancing After 50 with Karen Sanders

Series 3 Ep 6

Keeping in touch with loved ones at the touch of a button

Gran Slam -spoken word poetry for seniors

Series 3 Ep 5

Giving It A Go – Free Program for Musculoskeletal Conditions Taking up cycling later in life

Series 2 Ep 13

Brain Fit for Life with Laraine Dunn

Are you too old to scuba dive? Learning to Dive after 50

Series 2 Ep 12

Continuing your Career into your 70s with Hunter Leonard from Silver & Wise

Grandparenting Tips & strategies with Colleen Wilson-Lord

Series 2 Ep 11

What do you want to be remembered for? Leaving a Legacy with Michele Gennoe

Are you ready to be a grandparent?  Tips from Colleen Wilson-Lord 

Series 2 Ep 10

Strengthen Your Immune System with Dr Michael Elstein Williams 

Meet the inspiring Queen of Colour Anjel OBryant

Series 2 Ep 9

Meet the Inspiring June Rea, Kingston Woman of the Year

Time to Clear out Your Wardrobe - with Evelyn Lundstrom

Series 2 Ep 8

What should I do with my property? Christine Williams 

Try ice-skating after 50- Meet the Silver Blades

Series 2 Ep 7:  
Meet the Inspiring Silver Blades 
Tips on Falls Prevention with Sally Castell, Movement Matters

Series 2 Ep 6

Multiple strategies to keep our immune system strong and amazing image transformation


Mindfulness & Meditation

Healthy Strategies with Jamie Hayes, Healthy Inspirations

Image transformation at 70 – hair and makeup with Evelyn Lundstrom, First Impressions

Series 2 Ep 5: 

Easy Strength Training at Home Jamie Hayes, Healthy Inspirations

Image update at 70 – Picking the right colour Evelyn Lundstrom, First Impressions

Series 2 Ep 4: 
Writing a Book with Andrew Jobling
Having a makeover at 70 with Evelyn Lundstrom, First Impressions

Series 2 Ep 3:

Time for a Change – Image Reset at 70 Evelyn Lundstrom, First Impressions
Career Change at 60?

Series 2 Ep 2:

Joyful Longevity with Andrew Jobling

Volunteer and help save nature –rat trapping

Episode 4:

Importance of strength training

Bucket List – Ziplining

Everyday Legend: Dom Dimattina

Series 2 Ep 1: 

How to keep yourself motivated

Never Too Late for Love – Phil & Cam

Episode 2:

Taking up cycling over 50

Everyday Legend: Laraine Dunn

Episode 3:

LifeBall – the combination of netball and basketball

Everyday Legend: Colleen Wilson-Lord OAM

Episode 1.

Age is just a number

Creating a Bucket List

Alive and Kicking

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