Carol is an international presenter in seven countries and has consulted to numerous government and private agencies throughout the Asia Pacific region. Carol has produced 5 exercise videos and one 'gold' exercise record which was top of the charts for six weeks above the Rolling Stones.  


In 1990 Carol was selected NSW Fitness Leader of the Year and she now has over 30 years experience teaching fitness, training instructors and spreading the fitness message (even inmates in Long Bay Jail!)


Inspirational Speaker – Energy & Vitality for Life

Carol has released a book called 'Five Minute Fitness' and been seen promoting fitness on Channels 7, 9 and 10. She had a home weight loss program ‘Slender Secrets’ which screened throughout Australia and New Zealand and her most recent project was host of the infomercial ‘Journey to Longevity’.


Her latest book - ‘Alive and Kicking’- the secrets of anti-ageing -sold over 11,000 copies and includes interviews with Australian legends such as Bryce Courtenay, Toni Lamond, Bob Rogers, and Roger Climpson.  Carol also presented a one-hour motivational Health for Seniors' DVD with 10,000 copies going nationwide.


In addition to being an avid snow skier and dancer, Carol loves adventure.  She took up Scuba Diving at 57 an went straight to the Bahamas to go diving with the sharks. She has been cycling in Austria, kayaking in Alaska, trekking in the Himalayas and at Machu Picchu and swimming with manatees and manta rays.  Regardless of her personal pursuits, Carol’s major passion has always been to find ways to improve the quality of life for all… and get Australia to its feet!



Energizer MC

  • Do you want your conference or event to run smoothly and to time?

  • Do you need a speaking professional who can give your conference that extra polish?

  • Do you need your presenters to feel honoured and appreciated?

  • Does your conference have a lot of technical content and you need to keep minds alert?

Carol O'Halloran is a professional speaker who will help you to make your conference or event the success you want it to be.  Carol combines her unique sense of humour, experience and fitness knowledge to vitalize the audience.  Her high level of communication skills has resulted in Carol appearing before a diverse range of audiences.


The Energiser MC can provide:

  • Continuity and flow between speakers keeping your programme on time.

  • Quick and easy tailored activities based on the theme of your conference.

  • Energising breaks when energy levels are dropping such as after lunch or later afternoon.

  • A smooth professional event, handling difficult situations and housekeeping issues as they arise.


WHAT clients SAY

Natalie Towler, Technical Manager, Thompson Nutrition

Carol is confident, interactive with her audience, extremely professional and has a great sense of humour.


" Carol is a radiant disciple of her own teaching, entertainingly persuasive and totally credible"
" Carol was great and excited me again about exercise"

" Her 5 minutes a day bite-sized chunk introduction to my health was terrific"
" Her knowledge of the most up to date techniques and the what not to dos was astounding.  I have a lot to thank her for."

" Her manner and presentation was A1."
" Since hearing Carol speak, I am now walking every day, have lost 10 kg and feel terrific!"


Carol O’Halloran

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