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Chatty Cafe Australia - Glenys Reid

Glenys began introducing Chatty Café to Australia in late 2019, in an informal partnership with the UK Chatty Cafe office. The national bushfires in 2019 and current Covid-19 pandemic has made it clearer than ever to Glenys that Australia needs its local communities to be encouraged to stay socially connected to help prevent loneliness at all stages in life. Glenys believes Chatty Cafe Australia can help communities achieve that.


A ‘Have a Chat’ Table creates a space for people to talk; whether it is for five minutes or an hour of good friendly conversation, while you drink a brew of your choice and/or eat a snack or meal.

The aim of Chatty Café Australia (a registered ACNC Charity) is to help connect communities and increase social interactions by getting people chatting – either in their favourite local neighbourhood social venues or while travelling through other Aussie communities to meet the local folk.

To find a chatty café near you or to include your café or hospitality venue as a the Chatty Café


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I:  @ChattyCafeAus

FB: /ChattyCafeAustralia

T:  @ChattyAus


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