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Dr Mychelle Whitewood

Founder and Director of Utopia Health Centre, Mychelle is a fully qualified and registered Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with over 20 years experience. Passionate about the benefits of TCM for maintaining overall wellbeing and for correcting a range of health disorders and disease, Mychelle supports individuals to heal, evolve and follow their destiny. Floatation therapy is a wholly natural approach, free from all stimuli to benefit your health and wellbeing.


Mychelle opened up Water Temple Floatation & Holistic Health as it felt like a natural progression and extension of supporting people in their healing journey. Over time as a practitioner the most common issue people come to seek your services is because they suffer from emotional or physical pain often caused by stress or fatigue. Floatation therapy is one of the few therapies to nourish the whole being of a person, allowing the space and time to reset the brain.”


For more information contact:

Ph: 03 8525 0162 

Ph: 0403 738 266


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