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Jamie Hayes

Jamie Hayes

Jamie started teaching “aerobics” in the late 70s in Sydney. In 1981 he, together with partners built a gym (The Club) in downtown Sydney. He attended the first Fitness Leader course in 1982, where he and his wife Ellen became the first and second registered fitness leaders in NSW. They then went on to build another fitness centre in Wynyard called Aerobic City which was known for developing many innovative fitness programs. It was then that Jamie became interested in high-quality super-slow resistance training technique.

In 1987 Jamie became the first fitness professional to be awarded Australian Fitness Leader of the Year, presenting at numerous conferences, specifically on strength training for older folk.

Jamie and Ellen went on to build four more fitness centres, specialising in “personally tailored fitness programs”. They have owned and operated 9 fitness centres and influenced hundreds of fitness professionals.

However they became very interested in the problem of overweight and obesity, especially for women. In 2002 they created Healthy Inspirations, a national franchise of Womens weight loss and exercise centres, aimed at helping women in their 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond. They have now helped over 15,000 women in Australia and New Zealand lose over 150,000 kilos. 

They have also created two extra programs: dietflex  for weight loss coaches and Keto Fitness which is an 8-week online weight loss program.

At 67 Jamie is a regular blogger and presenter in weight loss and strength training.
Jamie Hayes

Healthy Inspirations

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