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Jaybee Square Wheelers - Square Dancing

Square Dancing is danced in groups of four couples following the instructions of the caller.  As a caller sings a song whether it be to Rock N Roll, Country, Jazz or Modern Hit Songs. It will contain the ‘steps’ or moves required by the dancers to follow in time with the music

Jaybee Square Wheelers has been going since 1984. The club conducts regular square dance beginner classes and plus classes, and regular round dance classes. The Club dances mainstream and soft plus each Tuesday evening with a few rounds. Birthday and Christmas party dances and other special events social dances are also conducted.


To join or visit Jaybee or other square dance club:



FB: Jaybee Square Wheelers Square Dance Club | Facebook

P: Mike Davey +61 3 9590 0550

    Laurina Collyer +61 430 761 051


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