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Jillian Ramsden -The Listening Space

Jillian Ramsden - The Listening Space

Jillian Ramsden is the Founder and Principal at The Listening Space, where she helps individuals, business owners, and organisations to achieve the results they want through simple strategies that improve communication, well-being and increases productivity.


With 8 years of experience as a counsellor and emotion-focused therapist, Jillian has repositioned herself as a personal empowerment strategist and communications coach, accredited in several qualifications including:

• Master mBIT Coach (mBraining)

• Master Practitioner NLP and Advanced Coach

• Master Conscious Hypnotist

• Accredited Extended DISC Behavioural Profiler

Jillian specialises in working with men, offering practical solutions and an emotional inteligence they describe as feeling ‘got’ - Jillian helps them find their own sense of direction, meaning, and purpose in life.


In the corporate setting, Jillian facilitates workshops using eDISC behavioural profiling, emotional intelligence, and other selected tools to help teams develop better communication, reduce stress, build more positive working relationships, and create healthier workplaces.


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Private FB Group for men: Find Yourself - Your Power, Your Purpose


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