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Michele Gennoe

Michele Gennoe

Michele Gennoe who is also known as ‘Mindful Michele’.  She is creator of the ‘Mindful Moments with Michele’ videos and workshops and is the award-winning author of ‘Mindful Leadership’.


For over 20 years she has been researching, studying and working in the field of human behavioural dynamics with a Masters in Spiritual Science. She is a qualified transformation coach, speaker and facilitator.


Michele founded On Purpose Transformation in 2007 to work with leaders and their teams going through challenging digital transformation. What she and her team found was that there were 3 key problems that her clients faced - inspiring staff, managing stress and leading everyone to a common vision. On Purpose offer strategic solutions to shift your mindset and behaviours to build Resilience, Influence and Purpose for individuals and businesses to thrive.

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