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QuickKick - Footy for Women over 35

AFL Masters QuickKick is an entry level program for women aged 35 and over who want to play footy. Safe, friendly and casual, QuickKick sessions are free and held fortnightly in all States and Territories. They are designed to teach the basic skills of football (marking, kicking, handpassing) as well as the rules of the game.


QuickKick is a fun, relaxed gathering of like-minded women who have always wanted to give footy a go but never got the chance when they were younger. Fun, safe and inclusive, our QuickKick clinics are designed to awaken your inner footballer! No skills or experience needed ... just a can do attitude, a smile and a sense of fun.


To start playing footy now:

P: 0406104029



FB: AFL Masters QuickKick 


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