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Sun Ranges Goya

Sunranges Qoya - Liz Reichard

Liz Reichard is the founder of Sunranges Qoya. Liz found her true calling when she discovered Qoya, a free dance embodiment class for women, regardless of gender assigned at birth. It is designed to get you out of your head and into your body. To feel instead of think. There are no levels in Qoya and no way to do it wrong. You know you're doing it right because it feels good to you!

Qoya has completely changed Liz’s life in all aspects. From her career, to her feelings about her own body, to realising what she can do, acknowledging what she has already done, and finding new ways to continue exploring the feminine. She is passionate about brining Qoya to as many women as she can to help them to also realize how wonderful and powerful they really are.

Through her Qoya classes, Liz promotes women's empowerment, equality, and body neutrality & positivity. To give women a safe space without judgement or shame. To come as they are and leave as more of themselves. To connect with other women in their community. To raise each other up and empower each other.


For your first FREE class and more info:


P: 0431822554

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