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Terence Pope

Terence Pope - The Mind Coach Man

Terence is a certified Neuro Linguistic Programing or NLP practitioner, a life and a business coach.  He is the presenter of the Mind Coach Man podcast and Director of Life Design at Unleash Your Dreams.

Terence is also the author of Living your Gifted Life and Unleash Your Dreams. His passion is help others achieve their peak potential and to help you discover your true power to become unstoppable.

For special Offer Life Mastery Pack:

Promo Code: 50PLUS

This event is free and duration is 60 - 90minutes

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“Loved every bit of this webinar. I highly recommend it to anyone who is
  having challenges achieving their dreams”
                                                                                  Olivia H
“Loved so much about this, everyone needs to know this information”                                                                      

                                                                                   Suzanne S.

“I highly recommend this webinar to anyone interested in improving their
lives”                                                                         Deborah S

For more information:

The Mind Coach Man
P: 0478804577

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