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Ludwina Dautovic

Ludwina Dautovic - The Room Xchange

Ludwina is CEO of the Room Xchange Australia's first verified house sharing platform. The Room Xchange is a multi-award winning company: Anthill Cool Company Award Editor’s Choice 2017, Australian Small Business Award finalist 2019 and Proptech Association Australia finalist 2022.


Ludwina believes we have the capacity to instantly impact the housing crisis. There's over 13.5m unused spare bedrooms in 10m homes across the country. That’s existing housing stock in homes who could do with an additional $10k+ a year in rent or up to 300 hours a year of household help


All users are verified via Digital iD by Australia Post, profiles make it easy for you to find the right people to house share with based on personality, values and lifestyle.  The Room Xchange rent or rent offset options give you the flexibility to create a rental arrangement that suits your needs.


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