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Karen Ai Lynn Tan - The Wellness Keeper

Karen is a wellness and built environment coach and consultant and passionate thought leader in the space of people, health, and the built environment.

She works with busy individuals, organisations and teams overcome burnout and fatigue to get their real energy back fast and effortlessly. She helps them build and maximize their energy levels for life, work, fun and up-level how they see themselves working well, living well, eating well, playing well, staying well individually and together through evidence-based bio and eco hacks, strategies, and habits.

Through her own lived experience, Karen founded The Wellness Keeper to teach the foundations of wellness as a critical tool for the future of a happy healthy individual and has set off on a mission to empower each person she meets to make their wellness an everyday priority and elevate wellness to a new state of excellence.

To contact Karen:

Ph: 0401 031 998

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