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Five Minute Fitness - Easy fun exercise to do if you're stuck at home

‘How do you get off the couch?’ Maybe you’ve never been someone who has exercised and don’t know where to begin – or maybe you used to exercise when you were younger but family or work got in the way, you fell out of the habit and now it’s been a few years since fitness was a regular part of your life.

It doesn’t matter if you’re unfit, overweight or over 50 exercise is essential for us to maintain a quality independent life as long as possible.

With the attack of Covid 19 – we all now are fully aware of the importance of having a healthy immune system. Exercise is a critical factor in building your immunity. In addition with a lot of people being isolated and not able to go out it becomes harder for people to exercise. Over 50 So What! has posted on YouTube some 5 minute fitness routines to help you get off the couch and have some fun. No special clothing or equipment required.

Most people know that exercise is good for the heart and lungs – your cardiovascular system, burning calories and reducing weight but a lot of people are not aware that addition to strengthening your

immune system, exercise will positively Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Depression and Anxiety.

The key tip for today is FIVE MINUTES A DAY and YOU’RE ON YOUR WAY

On your way to increased energy and better physical and mental health.

Time to get off the couch.

Take care and stay safe


Personal Energy Expert

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